Casinos are a place of fun, a place where people socialize, they share a table, share drinks, food and even stand close to each other if the casino is fully packed for an even night or its just the usual Friday night. But this set up all changed when the coronavirus came and swept the world. Because everything that makes casinos great is the things that make it unsafe.

Social distancing, sharing, and interacting without safety protocols make it unsafe and will put anyone at risk from contracting the norovirus. And this is not a joke because millions worldwide have already died from it. Thus following safety protocols is a must. As an act, various governments from all over the world limit mobility and close establishments deemed that are non-essential and will only promote the spread of the pandemic, and that is where casinos stand.

You need to interact with players: When you go to a casino you need to interact with other players. That is a given. Because of that, it puts you at risk of getting the coronavirus. Sure, there are face masks and face shields but it’s just weird playing in a casino gasping for air all the time. It’s not really healthy wearing face masks all the time since it affects the amount of air that you will be getting and doing that while playing casino isn’t worth it.

You will share: In casinos, you will share a lot of everything. From holding the slot machines, tables, chairs, dice, cards, and many many more. As you know, the virus doesn’t just dwell in the air, it also sticks in various surfaces including the things that were mentioned above. No matter if this is checked and managed every time, all it takes is a person with coronavirus to make all of these things useless.

There will always be people that will visit casinos: No matter how you think about it, casinos are a magnet for people. Because it’s a place for fun and people go there to have fun. Even if it’s highly discouraging, people are still in these places and that makes it dangerous. Because more people means more risks of getting the virus.

It’s a total bummer that a place of fun like casinos is now a place of danger to go to, that is the reason why in some places it’s highly discouraged to play in these casinos. But is it the end for casinos? Not really, because online casinos are there and you will have a better or the same experience. Visit pgslot to try it out for yourself.