Thailand is a superstitious nation in general. They have a lot of belief that foreigners find unique. It is a common practice for Thais to interpret their dreams. They also consider ordinary events as disguised messages. People in this country do a lot of things before they sign-up in an เวปหวยออนไลน์. They believe that you should take note of seeing particular things in daily life. Here are some you might want to watch out for.

Lucky sightings

  • Four-spotted cat
  • Large snake [associated with number five]
  • Rat sighting [related to the number one]
  • Small snake [linked to the number six]
  • Tree bark with a figure

Pre-printed and destined

The Thais know no bounds when it comes to calculating short odds. Especially for numbers marked by life’s oddities. They are willing to track down a vendor who has a particular number on his or her ticket. Lottery tickets are pre-printed and sold in fixed batches. If they are unable to find that particular vendor, they go to  ็Huay and take their chance. There is no way for you to request and print your chosen numbers.

Thais also consider a Lucky Dip when choosing a Thai lottery ticket. This is the way of getting a ticket from the brown case with your eyes closed.

Odds of winning

The chances of winning the top prize in Thai lotto is higher than most lotteries. Ticket wholesalers buy in bulk from the Government Lottery Office. They get the tickets for 68.80 baht. The licensed street vendor then buys the tickets from the wholesaler at seventy baht. The wholesaler earns 1.60 baht for every sold ticket pair.

Capping and quota

There is a capping in lottery tickets at eighty baht. The street vendors only get 9.60 baht. The vendors can only sell the quota of five books of a hundred tickets per draw.

The tickets are not refundable so the vendor should sell all his tickets. The salary cap of nine thousand six hundred is effective. The government became serious about its campaign. Vendors overcharging for tickets can face a month in prison. The vendor can also pay a fine of ten thousand baht.

Although it is unlikely to get so much money that will make you rich, Thais still love the thrill of a flutter. Underground lotteries are not legal but the government tolerates them. Almost one-third of the population support underground lotteries by playing with them. Thai consider the lottery as an important part of their life.